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Established in 2140, this ancient organization of space enthusiasts was assembled by rugged adventurers, many whom were owners of private ventures pioneering their way throughout the solar system. With the commercial debut of the RSI;Zeus, funding for exploration was initially provided by space tourism. Over the years, investment into exploring Sol's asteroid field began to pay dividends, as discoveries of large mineral caches and their subsequent mining by LSES;cooperatives made many;LSES;members very rich indeed. Members of;LSES;have been historically trusted and respected in joint cooperatives and inter-organizational transactions.

LSES's commitment to defending against aggression was evident during the Tevarin wars where;LSES;scouting and logistics was found to be invaluable in the survival of human settlements. LSES;as an organization has always been devoted to freedom. LSES;members looked upon the political totalitarian expansion of Messer's empire as alarming to individual liberties. Hoping to escape the encroachment of quasi-fascism, the headquarters of;LSES;was moved into the extremities of known space, desperate to keep their autonomy and freedoms. As outposts grew to become the nexus of humanity's reach into the stars, many of them were forcibly absorbed into the empire, curtailing the hanseatic style freedoms that;LSES;outposts granted to their members and visitors. Further laws passed by successive;UEE;governments resulted only in driving business out and further pushing;LSES;operations deeper into the fringes of space. As a result, an uneasy political truce emerged between the UEE;and;LSES;that lasted until today.

Today;LSES;is in a stronger position than ever before, and asserts to defend its members rights according to its own Charter. Per Aspera Ad Astra!



We are using Teamspeak 3 (at least until RSI provides an in-game comm system).

Notice to Core Members: Please check your inbox for information regarding access to our group's Teamspeak 3 server. If you are an Affiliate and your main org. does not have a TS3 server, send a message to Hayek and he will reply with your invitation token for access.